Price by Sizes:

16 fl oz = $2

32 fl oz Growlette = $4

Growler 64 fl oz= $8

Growler purchase + fill 64 fl oz = $15



***Please note: our prices are for fills only.  If you wish to keep the glass, there will be a deposit per glass jar.  This is an effort on our part to be sustainable and environmentally conscious.  Thanks for helping us be green!

Subscription Service:

For those of you committed to drinking guzzling kombucha on a weekly basis, this service ensures that you have a steady supply available (and you save a couple buckaroos). Give us your own growler to fill or you can purchase one from us for refills.

$30/month = 4 growler fills

***If you wish to purchase more than 1 growler of booch/week, we can fix you right up.