Currently, all of our kombucha is brewed with organic green yerba mate tea and all organic juices.  It is painstakingly monitored and brewed to deliver a bold and delicate flavor.  But remember, this is kombucha we’re talking about here.  It’s an art, and sometimes we may have a batch that is a little different.  We hope that you will appreciate the differences between the batches and enjoy what makes each bottle unique.  We also invite you to participate in our experimental flavors.  These may be winners or losers.  Either way, the journey is the adventure!

One World Blueberry:  In the words of Rocket Man, “The world looks like a giant blueberry.” Yep. It does.  We live on a giant blueberry of awesomeness.  The sip starts with a tang and finishes with smooth sweetness.  Lose yourself in this booch!

Midnight Sun Mango: In the land of the midnight sun, you need kombucha to fuel the fire!  Midnight kiting sessions were not unusual in the middle of the summer.  This kombucha has a more subtle and delicate flavor that is both rejuvenating and calming.  This is a local favorite…

King of the Booch: This is where it all started. This is the head honcho of our brews and there’s a reason for that. It is represented by none other than Godzilla himself as he is not only King of the Monsters, but “King of the Booch”.  This kombucha has hints of dark cherry mixed with green yerba mate.

Gusts and Dust: For you lemonade lovers out there.  This is your ticket to happiness on a hot day of landboarding in the Alvord Desert.  We’ve blended cherry and lemons for a sweet and tart blend.

50/50: Can’t make up your mind?  That’s ok. We’ve done that for you and mixed our One World Blueberry with cranberry juice to make this 50/50 blend.