A Little History:

6 Meter Brewing was born in Anchorage, Alaska when we began home-brewing Kombucha in our tiny apartment.  The goal was to brew kombucha to enjoy after kiteboarding in the frigid waters of the Turnagain Arm.

To really appreciate how this all got rolling, let’s back up a bit….

The first brew lived in the dark cupboard over the refirgerator.  Because the heat was stuck at 80 degrees in the apartment, the kombucha flourished in its warm, dark home. Shockingly, our first brew was pretty tasty!

After some trial and error, we had predictable kombucha that was taken on nearly every road trip around Alaska.  This was the start of what would eventually become 6 Meter Brewing in Bend,Oregon.  We offer limited run kombucha flavors as well as our local favorites: “One World Blueberry” and “Midnight Sun Mango”.


What’s with the name?:

The idea for brewing our own kombucha was born after a particularly cold and stormy McHugh kiting session.  We were standing behind the Landcruiser windbreak (it was nukin’ windy) and chatting with friends when the idea came to be.  Not only were we craving kombucha, but we thought we could brew our own better.  Since all of this started because we were thirsty from kiting, we felt we needed to include our favorite sport in our name.  We proudly call ourselves 6 Meter Brewing after our favorite kite in our quiver- the 6 meter. She is used in every kiting session!


Meet the Brewers:

Josh McKeown- “The Mad Chemist” behind the process.  He meticulously works to get the science behind the brew just right.  Monitoring PH, sugar, and alcohol content; he is always busy keeping the kombucha happy.  When not working as a brewmaster, he is a professional whitewater kayak instructor and manager at Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe here in Bend.  He enjoys kiteboarding at the local secret spot as well as whitewater kayaking, rafting, backpacking, and tele skiing.

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Christina McKeown- Josh’s other half, she started the very first 6 Meter Brewing batch in their tiny apartment in Alaska.  She didn’t know it at the time but that batch started all this funny business.  She is the artist behind the company artwork and helps to keep things flowing.  When not brewing kombucha, she works as a Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse in Bend, Oregon.  She loves kiteboarding (first and foremost), whitewater kayaking (a close second), rafting, backpacking, and tele skiing….funny. All the same things as her partner in crime, Josh.  Couples who play together, stay together!